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Hello my lovelies,

I have stayed in Germany for over a year now. When I had just landed in Germany, I was really homesick and cold. It was spine-chilling cold unlike scorching hot Mumbai, my city, back in India.  Before coming to Germany, I was very skeptical because of many negative things that I read online about Germans. You can say that I was a bit opinionated.
But if you ask me now about my happiness quotient, I will say – Coming to Germany is the best thing that has happened to me.
Earlier my outlook on Germans was based on something I had not experienced, but just read. Ridiculous, isn’t it? I am glad that I was wrong. This makes me feel like giving you an advice – Don’t let anything form an outlook  unless you have experienced it.

There is a huge list of all the kind gestures by Germans towards me but the one that tops the list is –
I was on train from Pforzheim to Furtwangen, I met a girl on train and once we started talking there was no end to our banter. And in all this chatting, I missed my station. By the way, she is the first friend I made in Germany. She suggested me to get off at Villingen and to catch a bus from there to Furtwangen. There was an hour time for the bus. She waited with me and said,’I will get you coffee since you must be tired of the travel’. My heart melted. She was so so kind and such a good person at heart.

With all such good things happening with me, my outlook changed instantly. With so many wonderful smiles from the strangers, I was feeling at home and accepted in this new country called Germany.

General formed perception of Germans which I had read before coming here got proved wrong one by one after coming to Germany.
Some common misconceptions about Germans –

  1. Language: It is not a problem if you look at it. You will fit in the culture when you know the language. For example, if a german speaks in hindi with me, I will be  very happy to know that he knows my language. So I see there is no wrong if they expect the same from us, the Ausländer. A secret – Most Germans are multilingual too.
  2. Language sounds harsh: Bullshit! I like the sound of German language. Most German men have deep baritone voice. Music to ears. 😉
  3. Germans are rude: They are not rude, they are direct and true. Their direct and honest nature is perceived as rude. Please! Don’t you want honesty. They will hardly sugar-coat their talk. What they feel is what they say. BINGO! They don’t mask their feelings to make you feel good for a short time which may lead to a BIG confusion later on.
  4. Germans are cold: UNTRUE. After the ice is broken, they would be the craziest and most creative people you would have met. And their friendship is genuine and lasts for a long time.
  5. Germans drink beer, all the time: Not really. Germany is known for its beer but Germany also houses very good wines, whiskeys, sekts, and many more. Come on, everybody drinks to make merry.
  6. All they eat is Schnitzel and wurst and potatoes: Again untrue, they love different varieties of salads, breads, soups. German dessert is so delicious.  Their bakery product –  Aaah! that sweet warm aroma of freshly baked cakes.
  7. Germans are unfriendly: Rubbish, they are a sweet lot of people.

I am not denying that there no stereotypes. Stereotypes are everywhere on this planet. But a nationality based stereotyping  is downright unfair.

So, if you are planning to come to Germany then I can guarantee you that you will have a good time here.

Leslie Burke says – To keep your mind wide open.

Lots of love,

Ms. Sharma