Thesis, Thesis Go away and never thy return again.

Have you ever felt that you are falling short of words?

Have you started drinking coffee more than ever?

When was the last time you felt hungry?

Have you started hallucinating?

Have you started to imagine yourself at the convocation ceremony?

Have you started to laugh alone?

Have you used backspace key more than any other keys on the keyboard?

Have you started trusting MS Word grammar more than your own grammar?

Have you started talking to yourself?

Have you started to cut down on your social gatherings to just get a feel of getting a quality time alone?

Have you started to lose yourself in the world of books you otherwise never would have read?

Have you started feeling as same as me? Say yes, I shall not feel alone my love. Just say yes.

I get you. I know how it feels and my condolences to our state of misery.

Arrivederci :*