Snow and Childhood

Snow and Childhood

Snow provokes responses that reach right back to childhood. – Andy Goldsworthy

True that! I never had seen so much snow in my entire life. The first true winter I ever experienced, in Germany, was pleasantly cold and the best part of the winter was the free time.

So, in this free time I decided to step out and  make a snowman. I was as excited as a kid who is about to a free cookie. And why shouldn’t I be, this was my first snowman.

I had thought I will make a BIG SNOWMAN with my own hands, initial warmth of excitement soon started to freeze as the time passed making those HUGE SNOW BALLS. So I chose to make a snow kid. Ouch!

And Voila! , meine schnee kind, ich liebe dich till you melt.


He is cute, isn’t he?  😀

But now, no more snow man. No more,bitte!

Chow, meine freunden und Liebe Grüße