Things to do when you’re bored and far away from home.

For 26 years of my life, this is for the first time I have stayed away from my family. In germany, I made lots of friends, attended lots of parties at student hostels, went for long walks, attended 40% of classes, studied and I still had lots of time.TCH TCH TCH!  On student budget, it is difficult to travel in germany – It is FRAKKING EXPENSIVE!  So, to kill time I started watching webisodes on YouTube especially Comedy nights with Kapil , Sarabhai vs Sarabhai , and many other – these two are my favorite.

The list of things that one can do when alone or when bored:-

  1. Clean your cupboard. It comes handy when you have to shift to a new place and plus, you know what you MUST throw out.
  2. Reorganize your furniture. It’s about time that you did it. I personally do it after every two weeks.
  3. Learn Guitar if you don’t know it already. This has a huge impact on your patience level and also concentration. Plus, you will feel like a STAR, so what if you know only a few chords. 😉
  4. Go to the library. It is a humbling experience to know where one stands. Literally!
  5. Learn to brew perfect coffee. Nothing starts the day as fantastically and energetically as a perfect cup of coffee.
  6. Explore your area in search of the best bars/restaurants/parks. People will love you for your suggestions.
  7. Dress up and go to a coffee shop. Make heads turn, do it!
  8. Do some sport. Your body will thank you by giving you a better posture and some ooooh – that muscles. 😉
  9. Learn to cook healthy. Pizzas, fries – most of the time! Really! ACT and EAT like a grown up.
  10. Some homemade dessert, please. Learn to bake. Mouth-watering, yummy!
  11. Make a dance video of yourself. YEAH!!! This is fun. Just dance, baby. Show yourself the moves.
  12. Make a 2 minute movie. You will love the entire process. Get the Tarantino out of you.
  13. Maintain a ‘pamper-myself-routine’. Manicure,pedicure, skin cleanup, hair conditioning , and etc- You have a hectic week ahead! Look best and do best. 😉
  14. Learn some DIYs. This website is my favorite –
  15. Read out a loud with emotions for 15 minutes minimum. You will notice the difference in your speech.
  16. Write a blog. I just have started blogging and I love it totally.
  17. Learn some new hairstyles. It is boring rather monotonous to wear the same hairstyle.
  18. Do some gardening. Herbs and chillies are my favorites. Which one is yours?
  19. Write a letter to your loved ones. I love this – my folks love it too when they get the letter.
  20. Learn a new language. It is german for me. He is the best teacher  – Michel Thomas
  21. Don’t waste time on whatsapp/facebook and mobile. Instead visit a friend.
  22. Act like Borat. This one needs a lot of courage to piss a person off in his style. 😀 . For example – BORAT
  23. Drink your favorite beer and just look outside the window. It is awesome to think of nothing.
  24. Plan a trip even if you don’t intend to go. Maybe next time you will just have the information for that sudden trip.
  25. Fart aloud and say to yourself – WAAH! MAZAA AA GAYA. 😀 😀 😀 😀
  26. Make some cards for that someone special. Show them how much they mean to you.
  27. Sit in a garden and watch kids play. That playfulness and cheerful faces! Heaven!
  28. Read a book or reread your favorite. Join Goodreads and stay motivated.
  29. Organize your files on computer. This will make your desktop look clean and make your computer a bit faster.
  30. Make sure each song has an album art. We all love graphics and album covers.
  31. Make a playlist of your favorite songs. Goes perfectly with that hot cup of tea.
  32. Write a story. We love to tell our stories.
  33. Maintain a dairy. Document your life.
  34. Clean your bag. I know there is a lot of garbage in that.
  35. Do some crochet or knitting. I would suggest crochet, it is easy and fast. I love my handmade hairbands.
  36. Get rid of unwanted body hair.
  37. Ofcourse, sleep. You have earned that beauty sleep.

List can go on and on. For now, adios amigos.

Lots of love,

Ms. Sharma




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  1. I just started a blog too because I also don’t have money and was bored. I don’t live in Germany but it does seem to me that having fun does cost a lot of money. These are some great tips! I’ll have to try them out. Thanks for the list.

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