Decoding Indian Headshake

Namaskar, Sastriyakaal, Swagatam ,and Wannakam! Welcome 🙂

Shake your head as if you mean – Ahaan! That’s it! That’s right, my friend. This is called head bobble or headshake.

My happiness knew no bounds when I found this video. What a day!  But how I got to know  about this video is sort of story.
One of my german friends asked – Why do indians shake their head?
My answer – We do just as you guys say ‘oder’ at the end of each statement.

Indians are asked many questions when they are out of India. And it is not only Indians, even germans get asked some really funny questions. One of the questions I have asked them after quite a good observation was – Do all germans wear white socks when they travel! :P. Hell, almost all germans wear white socks when they travel. So next time – you know who wears whites on travel. 😉

But when it comes to India, answering becomes difficult because of the diversity and the beliefs and the stories and the truth and the myth.

Anyway, my point here being is that, why I came across this video? Answer is – I had to know the reason myself. WHY WE DO IT!! WHY, GOD, WHY!!!!

We, indians, well most of us, shake head. I do too.

We all know that communication is between the sender and the receiver, about the medium of exchanging the message and so on. And in comes the non-verbal communication which consists of body language, gestures, tone, eye contact etc. I was surprised to know that in the communication class of MBA in germany, they taught about indian headshakes and it is confusing to comprehend. Indeed, it is confusing sometimes especially if you are a non-indian or haven’t stayed in India for long.

After watching this video, I was, HELL YEAH!, content – yo buggers! go check the video out.

Now, next time you ask an indian about headshake, Be ready!

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